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au writers unite!

any fandom!, any writers! just slash set in school
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woot woot!!
finally, i got off my ass and created a community for my personal favourite genre of fanfiction

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now, if you want posting access please just email me and tell me why you want to join, im not gonna reject anyone, i just want a tight community. So I figure the extra effort means that you really want to join :).

oh, and when you do join, do a little intro, its nice to get an idea of what the community likes AND its a great way to make friends! I'm sure by now you all know a good intro layout! Im not trying to be lazy, i just want everyone to answer the questions they want, not just the ones i ask!

There are only a few rules

1. read a good story, give us the heads up!!
please, always give fic recs!!!!!!!(and provide links if possible)

2. NO HET. !!! sorry, but this is my community and i just cant stand the stuff. minor characters are ok, but a main relationship should be m/m or f/f. [update, well maybe a few het pairings, like in cowboy bebop, just ask me first please :)]

3. All stories and pictures under a cut!

4. If you join you have to post at least one story (even just one chapter!)
note: if you really are insecure about your writing then post something else, like a poem, some fanart, or even just a story idea!

5.creative critisism = ok
outright flaming = :( its just not neccessary.
oh, and that line from one to the other is for me to decide, dont argue with me cuz i rule!
too much flaming and youll be out on your ass.

4.anything you want added to the intrests?, post and ill see what i can do! :)